Sanctum (company)

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Private Company
Industry Software,
Information Technology
Fate Acquired
Predecessor Perfecto Technologies
Successor IBM
Founded 1997
Founder Gili Raanan and Eran Reshef
Defunct 2006
Headquarters Herzliya, Israel, Santa Clara, California;
Products AppShield and AppScan

Sanctum[1] was the world's first company to focus on Application security. Sanctum invented the Application security space in the mid-'90s with its firewall, AppShield, and scanner, AppScan, foreseeing the need for better application-layer security for Web environments.[2]


Sanctum was founded in 1997 as Perfecto Technologies, by Eran Reshef and Gili Raanan.

The company released its first product AppShield in summer of 1999.[3]

The company has done an extensive research in application security and applying formal methods to real life software[4] in collaboration with Turing Award winner Professor Amir Penueli. Early research in 1996 and 1997 led to the invention, in parallel to other teams, of CAPTCHA technology, and the application for a US patent for CAPTCHA.[5]

In 2000 the company renamed itself to Sanctum.[6] The company was backed by investors Sequoia Capital, Intel Capital, Goldman Sachs, DLJ, Walden and Mofet.[7]

Technology & Products[edit]

The AppShield product was the first product to inspect incoming Hypertext Transfer Protocol requests and block malicious attacks based on a dynamic policy which was composed by analyzing the outgoing HTML pages.[8][9]

Later in June 2000 the company has introduced AppScan[10] the world's first Web Security Vulnerability Assessment solution. First client for AppScan were Yahoo!,[11] Bank of America and AT&T.[12]


In 2003 Sanctum was merged with Watchfire and the company was subsequently acquired by IBM.[13]


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