Sand Creek (Wyoming)

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Sand Creek[1]
Sand Creek NNL.jpg
Physical characteristics
Main source Laramie Mountains
40°49′46″N 105°47′04″W / 40.82944°N 105.78444°W / 40.82944; -105.78444
River mouth Confluence with Laramie
7,185 ft (2,190 m)
41°12′56″N 105°43′52″W / 41.21556°N 105.73111°W / 41.21556; -105.73111Coordinates: 41°12′56″N 105°43′52″W / 41.21556°N 105.73111°W / 41.21556; -105.73111
Designated 1984

Sand Creek is a stream noted for the "most spectacular examples of cross-bedded sandstone and topple blocks in North America".[2] Sand Creek flows from the Laramie Mountains in Larimer County, Colorado into Albany County, Wyoming where it joins the Laramie River.[1]

The area where Sand Creek crosses the border between Colorado and Wyoming(40°59′49″N 105°46′14″W / 40.99694°N 105.77056°W / 40.99694; -105.77056) was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1984.[2]

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"Sand Creek National Natural Landmark". National Park Service.