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View from Sandakphu in Darjeeling West Bengal
Highest point
Elevation3,636 m (11,929 ft)
ListingList of Indian states and territories by highest point
Coordinates27°6′21″N 88°0′6″E / 27.10583°N 88.00167°E / 27.10583; 88.00167Coordinates: 27°6′21″N 88°0′6″E / 27.10583°N 88.00167°E / 27.10583; 88.00167[1]
Sandakphu is located in West Bengal
Location of Sandakphu peak
LocationDarjeeling district, West Bengal, India;
Ilam District, Province No. 1, Nepal
Parent rangeSingalila Ridge
Topo mapGoogle topographic map[2]
Easiest routeHiking or by car

Sandakphu or Sandakpur (3636 m; 11,930 ft) is a mountain peak in the Singalila Ridge on the border between India and Nepal. It is the highest point of the ridge and the state of West Bengal, India. The peak is located at the edge of the Singalila National Park and has a small village on the summit with a few hotels. Four of the five highest peaks in the world, Everest, Kangchenjunga, Lhotse and Makalu can be seen from its summit. It also affords a pristine view of the entire Kangchenjunga Range.



Places and tea estates in the north-western portion of Darjeeling Sadar subdivision (including Darjeeling Pulbazar CD block) in Darjeeling district
CT: census town, R: rural/ urban centre, N: neighbourhood, H: hill centre, NP: national park/ wildlife sanctuary, TE: tea estate, TA: tourist attraction
Abbreviations used in names – TG for Tea Garden (town/village), TE for Tea Estate
Owing to space constraints in the small map, the actual locations in a larger map may vary slightly

The trek along the Singalila Ridge to Sandakphu and Phalut is one of the most popular ones in the Eastern Himalayas due to the grand vistas of the Kangchenjunga range and the Everest range which can be seen from the ridge, and also for the seasonal wildflower blooms and birding. Treks begin at Manebhanjan which is 28 km (approx. 1 hour by road) from Darjeeling.[3]


The Sandakphu Trekking routes inside the Singalila National Park have four legs or stages.

  • Manebhanjan to Meghma (2600 m): This is a 4-hour trek through the lower forest. The route goes via Chitre.
  • Meghma to Gairibans (2621 m): There are two alternative trekking routes. They respectively go via Tonglu (3070 m) and Tumling (2900 m). From Tumling, a shorter trail cuts through Nepal and Jaubari (2750 m). Jaubari is ward no 07 of jamuna VDC ilam.
  • Gairibans to Sandakphu (3636 m):
  • Sandakphu to Phalut (3600 m): It is a one-day trek via Sabarkum (3536 m) covering 21 km.


  • Retracing the way back to Manebhanjan.
  • A steep descent to the village of Sirikhola on the banks of the River Sirikhola, via Gurdum (2300 m), and from there to Rimbick.

Panorama of Peaks seen from Sandakphu and Phalut[4]

Baruntse (7220m), Chamlang (7319m), Chomo Lonzo (7818m), Lhotse (8516m), Makalu (8462m), Mount Everest (8848m), Nuptse (7861m), Kanchenjunga (8586m), Talung (7349m), Rathong (6679m), Kabru N (7353m), Koktang (6147m), Simvo (6812m), Frey (5853m), Kabru S (7318m), Kabru Dome (6600m), Kabru Forked (6100m), Pandim (6691m), Tenchenkhang (6010m), Jupono (5650m)

Villages At Glance: Gorkhey, Bhareng, Gairibas, Meghma, Maneybhanjyang, Rammam, Srikhola, Sepi, Molley, Gurdum [4]


The western part of Sandakphu peak is located in Sandakpur rural municipality (ward no. 2 & 4) of Ilam District of Province No. 1.

The trekking starts from Ilam Bazar via Maipokhari, Maimajhuwa, Mabu, Kala Pokhri Bikhe Bhyanjyang to Sandakpur, and also from Ilam Bazar via Sulubung, Jamuna, Hangetham (a special area for birds such as the spiny babbler and blue tit), Piple, Kalipokhari, Bikhe Vanjyang to Sandakpur. On this trekking route, Jamuna is most valuable for trekkers. There are many beautiful places like Dhap Pokhari, Choyatar (special area for red pandas). There is a three jungle Hile Samudayik Ban, Choyatar Samudayik Ban, Hangetham Samudayik Ban.[clarification needed]



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