Sandamuni Pagoda

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Sandamuni Pagoda
Sandamuni Pagoda 01.jpg
AffiliationTheravada Buddhism
CountryMandalay, Mandalay Region, Burma
Sandamuni Pagoda is located in Myanmar
Sandamuni Pagoda
Shown within Myanmar
Geographic coordinates22°00′12″N 96°06′35″E / 22.003470°N 96.109758°E / 22.003470; 96.109758Coordinates: 22°00′12″N 96°06′35″E / 22.003470°N 96.109758°E / 22.003470; 96.109758
FounderKing Mindon Min
Completed1874; 146 years ago (1874)

Sandamani Pagoda (Burmese: စန္ဒာမုနိစေတီ; formally နန်းမြေဘုံသာစံနန်းတော်ရာစန္ဒာမုနိဘုရား) is a Buddhist stupa located southwest of Mandalay Hill.[1] It was commissioned by King Mindon Min in 1874 as a memorial to Mindon Min's younger brother, Kanaung Mintha, who was assassinated along with 3 princes, Malun, Saku, and Maingpyin, during the 1866 Myingun Prince rebellion.[2][1] The pagoda was erected at the provisional location of the royal palace, the Nanmyay Bontha.[1]

This pagoda contains the graves of the Kanaung, Sagu Mintha, Malun and Maingpyin Princes.[2] It also contains an iron image of the Buddha cast by Bodawpaya in 1802, and removed from Amarapura by Mindon in 1874.[2] The statue reportedly weighs 40,924.8 pounds (18,563.2 kg).[1]


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