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Sandbox may refer to:

  • Sandpit or sandbox, a wide, shallow playground construction to hold sand, often made of wood or plastic

In arts and entertainment

In computing

Other uses

  • Litter box, an indoor box in which house pets are trained to relieve themselves
  • Sandbox (locomotive), a container that holds sand for use in improving rail adhesion in slippery conditions
  • Sand box (civil engineering), a device to remove centring
  • A container for pounce (calligraphy), used before the invention of blotting paper
  • The sandbox, A slang name for the Middle East, used by the American military
  • Sandbox (missile) or SS-N-12, a Soviet anti-ship missile
  • Sandbox Therapy, a tool used by child psychologists
  • Sandbox Tree, the evergreen species Hura crepitans of the spurge family (Euphorbiaceae), also known as possumwood and jabillo, native to tropical regions in the Americas