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GenrePort wine
Founded1790; 228 years ago (1790)
FounderGeorge Sandeman
HeadquartersLargo Miguel Bombarda, 3

4400-222 Vila Nova de Gaia

Area served
ProductsPort wine, Sherry, Brandy, Madeira wine
ParentSogrape Vinhos, S.A.

Sandeman is a brand of Port and Sherry wines founded in 1790. Its well known logo features a caped man named Don dressed in a Portuguese student's cape and a wide Spanish hat.[1][2] Besides Port and Sherry wines, it also produces Brandy and Madeira wine.[3]


Brothers George and David Sandeman from Perth founded the company[4][better source needed] in 1790 with £300.[2] David left the company in 1798 to found the Commercial Bank of Scotland leaving George in sole charge.

Initially passed to his nephew, George Glas Sandeman,[5] Sandeman remained a family business until bought out by the drinks company Seagram in 1979.[6] In 2001 the operation was sold to Sogrape by Diageo and Pernod Ricard who had acquired it from Seagram.[7] A descendent, George Thomas David Sandeman is a member of the board of Sogrape Vinhos S.A.[5]

Sandeman family[edit]

The founder George Sandeman, whose father was also George, was descended from the marriage of David Sandeman to Margret Ramsey in 1716, whose offspring included a notable Glasite theologian Robert Sandeman and the Perthshire linen manufacturer William Sandeman.[2] Family descendents remained owners of the wine business until 1993.[6] In the nineteenth century the family became associated with Hayling Island coming to live at Westfield House in West Town, Hayling Island and with a family grave in St. Mary's Church.[8] The Hayling Golf Club was founded by Fleetwood Sandeman in 1883 [9].

Lea & Sandeman[edit]

Lea & Sandeman is an independent wine merchant formed by Patrick Sandeman and Charles Lea in 1993. Patrick was a member of the Sandeman family who had initially worked for Seagram. He died in a skydiving accident in 2012 and his wife Katie succeeded him as a director.[6][10]

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