Sandford Park School

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Sandford Park School
Dublin 6
Coordinates 53°19′20″N 6°15′01″W / 53.322202°N 6.25014°W / 53.322202; -6.25014Coordinates: 53°19′20″N 6°15′01″W / 53.322202°N 6.25014°W / 53.322202; -6.25014
Established 1922
Principal Ms Edith Byrne
Gender Co-ed (since 2013)
Age 12 to 18
Number of students ~350
Colour(s) Green, Gold and Purple               

Sandford Park School is a small private, non-denominational, co-educational secondary school, located in the inner suburbs in Dublin, Ireland. It was founded in 1922.


Sandford Park School is a small co-educational[1] private, non-denominational school and was established on 12 September 1922.[2] Its first headmaster was Alfred Le Peton, who had been the joint headmaster with Ernest Exshaw of Earlsfort House School. The joint headmasters of Earlsfort House moved the school from city centre to the suburbs. The school was previously an all boys school but decided to go co-ed in 2013 which became a great success and the school grew. The school will have approximately 350 students from September 2017 of which a third will be girls.

School principals[edit]

  • Gwynn Seton Bradshaw Mack 1922-1931
  • Arthur Douglas Cordner 1934-46
  • Major P.G. Wormell 1946-53
  • Maurice Wilkins (Acting Headmaster) 1953-54
  • Trevor Dagg 1954-1960 [1st period], brother of Barbara Cross (wife of James Richard Cross)
  • Dr Hector Rex Cathcart 1960-1967
  • Trevor Dagg 1967-1980 [2nd period]
  • Ian Steepe 1980-1985
  • William (Bill) R. Tector 1985-1990
  • Dr John Harris 1990-1996
  • Michael Whelan 1996-2003
  • Edith Byrne 2003–2016

Notable past pupils[edit]

Past pupils Union[edit]

The Sandford Union was inaugurated in the 1930s, to enable past pupils to keep in touch with one another and the school itself. A Sandford Union newsletter, The Stentorian, is sent to all past pupils with news and Union event details. The Sandford Union hold several events during the year culminating in the annual dinner held every year on the fourth Friday in November.


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