Coordinates: 55°23′12″N 14°11′35″E / 55.386746°N 14.193058°E / 55.386746; 14.193058
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Sandhammaren lighthouse
LocationSandhammaren, Ystad Municipality, Sweden Edit this at Wikidata
Coordinates55°23′12″N 14°11′35″E / 55.386746°N 14.193058°E / 55.386746; 14.193058
Constructioncast iron skeletal tower
Height29.5 metres (97 ft)
Shapeconical skeletal tower with central cylinder, balcony and lantern
Markingsred tower, greenish lantern dome
Power sourcerapeseed oil, kerosene, electricity Edit this on Wikidata
OperatorSwedish Maritime Administration (Sjöfartsverket)[1]
Heritagegovernmental listed building complex, governmental listed building Edit this on Wikidata
Focal height32 metres (105 ft)
LensFocal plane lens
Range22 nautical miles (41 km; 25 mi)
CharacteristicFl W 5s.
Sweden no.SV-6545

Sandhammaren is a Swedish lighthouse, and the name of both a beach and a point east of Ystad in Scania. At first two identical lighthouses were constructed, because it was a risk to mistake this lighthouse with the one on Ertholmene. The flame first ran on colza oil. Later on (1891), one of the lighthouses was put out of service and moved to Pite-Rönnskär in Norrland, at the same time the lamp was transformed to a paraffin lamp. The lighthouse was electrified in 1952.

The Swedish Maritime Administration owns and runs the lighthouse.

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