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Sandhammarens fyr.jpg
Location East of Ystad, Sweden
Coordinates 55°23′N 14°12′E / 55.383°N 14.200°E / 55.383; 14.200Coordinates: 55°23′N 14°12′E / 55.383°N 14.200°E / 55.383; 14.200
Year first constructed 1862
Year first lit 1862
Automated 1976
Deactivated Active
Foundation Iron
Construction Iron
Tower shape Conical skeletal iron tower
Markings / pattern Red paint on tower
Height 29 m
Focal height 31 m
Current lens Focal plane lens
Range 22 nautical miles (41 km; 25 mi)
Characteristic Fl. (1) 5 s
Admiralty number C2460

Sandhammaren is a Swedish lighthouse, and the name of both a beach and a point east of Ystad in Scania. At first two identical lighthouses were constructed, because it was a risk to mistake this lighthouse with the one on Ertholmene. The flame first ran on colza oil. Later on (1891), one of the lighthouses was put out of service and moved to Pite-Rönnskär in Norrland, at the same time the lamp was transformed to a paraffin lamp. The lighthouse was electrified in 1952.

The Swedish Maritime Administration owns and runs the lighthouse.