Sandhitha Velai

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Sandhitha Velai
Directed by Ravichandran
Produced by Kaja Mohideen
Written by Ravichandran
Starring Karthik
Music by Deva
Cinematography Jayanan Vincent
Edited by B. Lenin,
V. T. Vijayan
Roja Combines
Release date
14 April 2000
Country India
Language Tamil

Sandhitha Velai (English: Time we met) is a 2000 Tamil language film directed by Ravichandran being his second film after his debut Kannedhirey Thondrinal. The film features Karthik in dual lead roles whilst Roja, Kausalya and Moulee play supporting roles. The film was released on 14 April 2000 during Tamil new year. The film received negative reviews and was declared as a moderate success at the box office. This movie was remade into the Telugu film Gentleman starring Nani in 2016. [1][2]


Aadalarasu(Karthik) is an unemployed youth looking for a job. He is constantly taunted on this account by his father(Vijayakumar) while his mother(Sujatha) comes to his support. In Madras for a job interview, he stays with his father's friend(Moulee). He has run-ins with the friend's daughter Thilaka(Roja) and she develops a dislike for him. But she bows to her father's wishes and weds Aadalarasu. Just when she starts liking him, he has to travel again. In the train, he meets Thirunaavukkarasu(Karthik again) who asks him for a favor. Instead of the usual comedy, the mistaken identity is then played for sentiments. With Thirunaavukkarasu dying and being mistaken for Aadalarasu, Aadalarasu's family thinks he is dead while he takes Thirunaavukkarasu's place and helps them. But he has to do so without arousing the suspicions of his wife Akalya(Kausalya) and the rest of his family.[3]



The filming was begun in 1998 and became the second directorial of Ravichandran after his debut Kannethire Thondrinaal. The film was briefly delayed due to selection of heroines. Suvalakshmi was initially selected as heroine later she was replaced by Roja. For second heroine, Simran was selected but due to date clashes, she was replaced by Isha but she too was replaced by Kousalya.[4] There were rumours that film was delayed due to Karthik experiencing trouble due to his health.[5]


Music is composed by Deva.[6]