Sandhornøy Bridge

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Sandhornøy Bridge
Sandhornøy bru
View of the bridge
Coordinates 67°03′46″N 14°14′56″E / 67.0628°N 14.2489°E / 67.0628; 14.2489Coordinates: 67°03′46″N 14°14′56″E / 67.0628°N 14.2489°E / 67.0628; 14.2489
Carries 17
Crosses Tverrsundet
Locale Gildeskål, Norway
Design Cantilever bridge
Material Concrete
Total length 374 metres (1,227 ft)
Longest span 154 metres (505 ft)
No. of spans 3
Opened 1989

The Sandhornøy Bridge (Norwegian: Sandhornøy bru) is a cantilever bridge that crosses the Tverrsundet strait between the mainland and the island of Sandhornøya in the municipality of Gildeskål in Nordland county, Norway. The bridge is 374 metres (1,227 ft) long and the longest of the 3 spans is 154 metres (505 ft). The Sandhornøy Bridge was opened in 1989 as an arm off of Norwegian County Road 17.[1] The bridge is a single-cell prestressed concrete box girder bridge that was built using the balanced cantilever method.[2]


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