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Sandman Signature Hotel in Toronto.

Sandman Hotel Group is a Canadian hotel chain owned by Northland Properties Corporation. With head office based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the company currently has 42 properties across Canada under the brands Sandman Inns, Sandman Hotel & Suites, and Sandman Signature Hotels & Resorts. Two resorts are also located in the United Kingdom.

In 1967, the first Sandman Inn opened in Smithers, British Columbia. The company rapidly expanded, opening at least one property every year. In 1976, a new tier of hotels was added to the company profile with Sandman Hotel Vancouver. In 2007, the Sandman Signature brand was added as a higher end brand.

Northland Properties Corporation is the parent company of Sandman Hotel Group, Denny’s 24 Hour Restaurant, Moxie’s Classic Grill, Shark Club Bar & Grill, and Northland Asset Management Company. Northland is owned by the Gaglardi family. Bob Gaglardi is the founder and Chairman of the Board and Tom Gaglardi Chief Executive Officer for Sandman Hotel Group and President of Northland Properties Corporation.[1]


Sandman Inns are situated along major travel routes and were the first tier of hotels that Northland established in Canada. They cater to the frequent traveller including on-site restaurants with room service.

Sandman Hotel & Suites is a mid-range brand with over 27 locations. Located in city centres, growing districts, and near major airports, the brand has amenities such as Northland-owned restaurants, room service, and fitness facilities.

Sandman Signature Hotels & Resorts is an upscale brand launched in 2007, with high-end amenities and conveniences such as spas, restaurants, rooms, business centres, concierge, and valet service.


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