Sandown railway line

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Sandown Line
Status Closed
Locale Sydney
Stations 4
Opened November 1888
Closed 2010
Owner RailCorp
Route map
Carlingford Line & Sandown Line.png

Sandown Line
Cream of Tartar Works
Carlingford Line to Rosehill

The Sandown Line is a short former industrial railway line in the western suburbs of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It began life as the Bennett's Railway, opening on 17 November 1888.[1] The line branched from the Carlingford line at Camellia Junction, just north of Rosehill station. It was electrified in 1959.[citation needed]

In its final years the railway was used by occasional freight trains only, usually carrying empty containers to and from storage at Sandown; but, when electrified, it carried an infrequent electric suburban service to serve the surrounding industrial area, operated by single-deck 3-car trains (marshalled as Y-sets). The line had three simple stations: Sandown, Hardies and Goodyear (a platform called Cream of Tartar Works closed prior to electrification). The closure of Goodyear station preceded the closure of the remaining two. All stations were unattended by staff members.[citation needed]

The overhead wires were removed in December 2002. Traffic was officially suspended and a Stop Block placed across the tracks before Access Rd level crossing in October 2016.

The western end of the line will be used by the Parramatta Light Rail project to provide access to a tram stabling and maintenance facility.[2]

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