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Sandra Bussin

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Sandra Bussin
Sandra Bussin 2007.jpg
City Councillor for Ward 32 Beaches-East York
In office
December 1, 2000 – November 30, 2010
Preceded byNew ward
Succeeded byMary-Margaret McMahon
Speaker of Toronto City Council
In office
Preceded byNew position
Succeeded byFrances Nunziata
City Councillor for Ward 26 - East Toronto
In office
January 1, 1998 – November 30, 2000
Serving with Tom Jakobek
Preceded byNew ward
Succeeded byWard abolished
Personal details

Sandra Bussin is a politician in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She was a municipal councillor for Toronto City Council for Ward 32 in east Toronto from 1998 to 2010. From 2006 to 2010 she was Speaker of Toronto City Council.


Bussin was born in Toronto and grew up in the Dawes Road area.[1] She attended Coleman Avenue Public School, then to Central Tech and Eastern Commerce. Bussin graduated with a BA in fine arts from York University.[2] She worked as a teacher and served as a trustee for the Toronto District School Board.[3] She also worked as a senior political advisor at the provincial legislature for NDP Member of Provincial Parliament Morton Shulman.[4]

City councillor[edit]

Elected in 1997 to the first council of the newly amalgamated City of Toronto, Bussin served four terms as city councillor for Ward 32 Beaches-East York.[5] In the council term from 2003 to 2006, Bussin served as a deputy mayor of Toronto, jointly with Joe Pantalone and Mike Feldman.[6] In 2006, she was appointed as the first Speaker of Toronto City Council.[7]

She was known at council as an environmentalist,[8] who championed the modernisation of the Ashbridges Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant.[8] Bussin was formerly past chair of the Roundtable for a Clean and Beautiful City.[5] During her time as councillor six incinerators were shut down. She also managed a $2.2 million renovation and extension of the Beaches Library.[5] As well, $12 million was approved to build the new Main Square Recreation Centre and $750,000 for the new addition of the Kimberley Public School.[5] Bussin acquired the Kew Williams (Gardener's Cottage) for community use.[5] She secured $11 million for the landscape and active sport field plan in Ashbridges Bay area.[5]

During her time on city council, Bussin was closely aligned with mayor David Miller,[9] who is considered to be on the left wing of the political spectrum.[10]

Bussin was defeated by newcomer Mary-Margaret McMahon in the municipal election held on October 25, 2010. McMahon defeated Bussin by a margin of over 2.5 to 1.[11]


In 2009, Bussin won financial support from Toronto City Council to take legal action against a local publication, Ward 32 News, which she claimed had made untrue and defamatory statements about her. This case was criticized by councillor Mike Del Grande, who was quoted by the Toronto Star as saying that "taxpayers could be easily intimidated by a councillor who has the financial backing of the city".[12]

In September 2009, Bussin placed a live call to John Tory's Newstalk 1010 Strong Opinions radio show to defend the legacy of outgoing Mayor David Miller.[13] Bussin provided only her first name and denied that she worked for the City of Toronto. She then concluded her call by saying "And good luck to you, John, because you're a three-time loser. And I don't see you being successful in the future." After being revealed as the caller, Bussin apologized to both Tory and to city council.[14] Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong requested a review of Bussin's actions from Toronto integrity commissioner Janet Leiper.[15]

In 2010, prior to her electoral defeat, Bussin faced criticism for her role in three unrelated zoning disputes involving an older house,[16] the post-arson replacement of a commercial building,[17] and a supportive-housing project for the mentally ill.[18] Also that year, Bussin was criticized for allocating her office operating budget to community groups including youth sports teams,[19] and a former restaurant employee told the Toronto Sun that he had been paid by the restaurant to "volunteer" for Bussin's campaign.[20]

After city council[edit]

As of 2012, Bussin works as a real estate agent for Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. She also writes a monthly column for a community newspaper called the Town Crier.[21]

Bussin attempted to regain her seat as councillor for Ward 32 in the 2014 municipal election. She lost again to Mary Margaret McMahon, by a larger margin than in the 2010 election.[22]

Election results[edit]

2014 Toronto election, Ward 32
Candidate Votes[23] %
Mary-Margaret McMahon (incumbent) 15,762 60.92
Sandra Bussin 4,552 17.59
Brian Graff 1,922 7.43
9 other candidates 3,639 14.06
Total 25,875 100.00
2010 Toronto election, Ward 32
Candidate Votes[24] %
Mary-Margaret McMahon 15,159 65.14
Sandra Bussin (incumbent) 5,998 25.78
Keith Begley 753 3.24
Bruce Baker 477 2.05
Brad Feraday 354 1.52
Martin Gladstone 210 0.90
Neil Sinclair 190 0.82
Albert Castells 66 0.28
Kieron Pope 63 0.27
Total 23,270 100.00
2006 Toronto election, Ward 32
Candidate Votes %
Sandra Bussin (incumbent) 10377 69.8
Erica Maier 1287 8.7
John Lewis 1081 7.3
Donna Braniff 660 4.4
Matt Williams 557 3.7
Alan Burke 332 2.2
John Greer 305 2.1
William Gallos 196 1.3
Luca Mele 82 0.6
2003 Toronto election, Ward 32
Candidate Votes %
Sandra Bussin 12245 63.4
Chris Yaccato 5082 26.3
Alan Burke 527 2.7
Colleen Mills 527 2.7
Donna Braniff 514 2.7
Jeffrey Dorman 224 1.2
Robert Livingston 183 0.6


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