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Sandra Chambers (born 11 April 1967), also known as Sandy Chambers or simply Sandy, is a British dance music vocalist based in Italy.


Chambers moved to Italy in 1992[1] and her voice has been used in many Italian Electronic dance music productions, mainly eurodance. In the 2000s Chambers has been frequently used by Italian producers Alle and Benny Benassi who she first met when she did the vocals for a track by the Italian dance act J.K., that the Benassis produced. She also toured with Italian singer Giorgia.

As a songwriter, Chambers contributed to the Corona project. Though never officially confirmed nor denied by the production team, rumours circulated that she also gave her vocals to the project’s two first albums and it has later been confirmed that she at least sang Baby Baby.[2][3] It was already suspected that Giovanna Bersola, who was known for lending her voice to lip-syncing models, sang Corona’s debut single, Rhythm of the Night,[4] and the seemingly different voice featured on the other tracks on Corona’s debut album was assumed to belong to Chambers, who also had released a single on the same record label (DWA). In 2007, Chambers was credited as “original Corona vocalist Sandy Chambers” on the single Baby Baby by Sunblock, a cover version on which she appeared as a featured singer.[2]



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