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Sandra Sade (born October 28, 1949) is an Israeli film, television and theater actress.[1]

Sandra Sade
Sandra Sade3.jpg
Sandra Sade, 2017
BornOctober 28, 1949
ChildrenAlma Moshonov, Michael Moshonov


Sandra Sade was born in Romania. She is married to Israeli actor Moni Moshonov, with whom she has two children.[2]

Acting and film career[edit]

Sade played for about 17 years at the Cameri Theater. She also played at the Beit Lessin Theater.[3] In 1981, Sade participated in the educational television program Homeland. She also participated in the drama Poker Face from the Homeland Lesson series. Sade also played a guest role in the comedy series Krovim Krovim.

Sade also appeared in several films. In 1988, she appeared in a secondary role (Alice Alexandrovich) in Eli Cohen 's film based on a script by Gila Almagor, Aviya's Summer. In 2001, she appeared in Six Million Shreds; in 2004, she starred in Arie by Roman Kachanov; in 2004, she starred in The Secret of Chocolate, alongside Hanan Goldblatt; and in 2006, she played Hannah alongside Yisrael Poliakov in Daniel Syrkin's film Apparently. In 2007, she appeared in the movie מתוק ומר in the role of a fortune teller.

In 2010, she participated in the TV series Arab Labor playing the role of Yocheved. Starting in 2011, she played Rivka (Ricky) Rosen in the comedy series Savri Maranan. In both series she embodied a stereotypical Polish mother.

In 2012, she participated as a guest actress in the series Rest. In 2014, she participated in the series Yellow Peppers. From that year, she performed in the Cameri Theater in the play The New Criminals by Edna Mazya. From 2016, she played (alternately with Hanna Laslow) the role of Bertha in Fleischer, a play by Yigal Even Or in the stage theater. That year she translated the play Shirley Valentine by Willie Russell for Theater Show.

In 2017 she played in the film The Cakemaker.[4] In 2017, she also began playing the older Naomi Shemer (alternately with Gila Almagor ) in the musical Biography of Naomi Shemer. In 2019, she began playing the musical Givat Halfon Doesn't Answer at the Habima Theater. Beginning in August 2019, she played with Yona Elian in Things I Know at the Beit Lessin Theater in collaboration with Haifa Theatre.


  • The Cakemaker (2017) [5]
  • Maasiya Urbanit (2012)
  • Savri Maranan (2011) Rivka «Riki» Rosen
  • Arab Labor (2007) Yocheved
  • Lemarit Ain (2006) Hana
  • Things Behind the Sun (2006) Smadi
  • Yamim Kfuim (2005) Neighbor
  • Poker Face (2002) Anna
  • Shisha Million Resisim (2001)
  • Etz Hadomim Tafus (1994) Aunt Alice, voice acting
  • Aviya's Summer (1988) Aunt Alice
  • Krovim Krovim (1982) Bruria
  • Cyrilson Retires

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