Sandra the Fairytale Detective

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Sandra The Fairytale Detective
Sandra the Fairytale Detective.jpg
Created by Myriam Ballestreros
Opening theme "Detective On The Case" Performed by Grey DeLisle & Rob Paulsen
No. of seasons 1
Original network Disney XD
Kidz TV
Qubo and Gloob
Related shows Peg + Cat Lily's Driftwood Bay Gofrette
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Sandra the Fairytale Detective is a Spanish-Indian-Portuguese animated television series created by Imira Productions. The series revolves around a young girl named Sandra who solves mysteries with her friend Fo the elf, while avoiding interference from a bully named Marcus.

The series aired on TG4 in Ireland and RSI in Switzerland.


Sandra's world[edit]

  • Sandra Ochiaperridi is a 10-year-old girl fairy-tale detective with green eyes and purple hair tied in pigtails. She also takes notes from the victims. Voiced by Jules De Jongh.
  • Fo The Elf is a 508-year-old assistant of Sandra. He is an elf. He hides Sandra and tells her if there is a case or not. Voiced by Dan Russell.
  • Raquel is Sandra's best friend. She wears pigtails as well, but her hair is blond. Voiced by Alex Bothwell.
  • Marcus is Sandra's opponent. He is always bullying Sandra without a reason.

Fairytale land[edit]


Imira Entertainment (the developers/creators) have already planned to use 52 different fairy tales (a term used loosely as there are some legends on the list such as King Arthur). The following is a list of 'case' titles (i.e. episodes) and the tales they borrow from:

Season 1[edit]

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