Born from Pain

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Born from Pain
Born from Pain – Reload Festival 2015 01.jpg
Background information
Origin Heerlen, Limburg, Netherlands
Genres Hardcore punk, metalcore, thrash metal
Years active 1997–present
Labels Metal Blade
Black Market Activities
Members Rob Franssen
Dominik Stammen
Servé Olieslagers
Pete Goerlitz
Max van Winkelhof
Past members Pieter Hendriks
Ché Snelting
Stefan van Neerven
Kevin Otto
Roel Klomp
Karl Fieldhouse

Born from Pain is a Dutch hardcore punk band from the Oostelijke Mijnstreek (as a part of the infamous M.O.C.) which formed in 1997. Since they formed they have achieved fame through energetic shows and grew out to become the international band they are today. They have toured in all of Europe, in the United States and in Japan. They have shared stages with bands such as Hatebreed, Madball, Zero Mentality, Six Feet Under, Soulfly, Agnostic Front and Slayer. In March 2007, longtime frontman Che left the band due to personal reasons. He was temporarily replaced by Carl Schwartz, frontman of First Blood, and Scott Vogel from Terror. The band later found a full-time vocalist in Kevin Otto of German deathcore band 'End of Days'. But Otto struggled with his voice so he was replaced by bass player Rob Fransen. Andries Beckers of The Setup took over on bass. They are widely regarded as one of the premier European hardcore bands.[citation needed]


Current members

  • Rob Franssen – vocals
  • Dominik Stammen – guitar
  • Servé Olieslagers – guitar
  • Pete Gorlitz - bass guitar
  • Max van Winkelhof - drums

Former members

  • Ché Snelting – vocals 1997 - 2007
  • Stefan van Neerven – guitar
  • Marijn Moritz - guitar
  • Wouter Alers – drums
  • Pieter Hendriks - drums
  • Kevin Otto – vocals
  • Andries Beckers - bass guitar
  • Roy Moonen – drums
  • Karl Fieldhouse – guitar
  • Igor Wouters - drums
  • Roel Klomp - drums


Studio albums[edit]

  • 2002: Reclaiming the Crown (Gang Style Records)
  • 2003: Sands of Time (Gang Style Records)
  • 2005: In Love With the End (Hollowman Records)
  • 2006: War (Metal Blade Records)
  • 2008: Survival (Metal Blade Records)
  • 2012: The New Future (Gang Style Records)
  • 2014: Dance With The Devil (Beatdown Hardwear Rec.)


  • 1999: Immortality (Gang Style Records)

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