Sandstein-Wienerwald natural park

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Josef Schöffel memorial in the Sandstein-Wienerwald natural park.

The Sandstein-Wienerwald natural park (Naturpark Sandsteinwienerwald) is a natural park near Purkersdorf in the Vienna Woods (Wienerwald), Austria. Although a protected area under Austrian law, it is freely accessible.

The park's 77 hectare area is mostly covered by beech forest.[1] Its highest point is the Rudolfshöhe (475 m), on whose top a lookout tower has been constructed. Another hill, the Schöffelstein (431 m) features a memorial to Josef Schöffel, who is remembered as the "saviour of the Vienna Woods" on account of his 1872 campaign to protect the woods from logging.[1]

Visitors' amentities in the park include a nature trail[2] and a visitors' centre featuring expositions on topics of local interest. The park also includes an enclosure in which with deer and boars are kept, as well as a petting zoo.[1]


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