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Sandvox 1.5.4 under Mac OS X.
Developer(s) Karelia Software
Stable release 2.10 / April 8, 2015; 4 months ago (2015-04-08)
Operating system Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later
Type WYSIWYG HTML editor
License Regular or Pro; Single User, Household, or Site

Sandvox is a WYSIWYG template-based website creation tool by Karelia Software, based on WebKit. Released May 16, 2006, it competes directly with Apple's iWeb and Realmac's RapidWeaver. Sandvox can be purchased with either a Regular or Pro license. The Pro license unlocks more advanced features, such as the ability to include raw HTML pages and "pagelets" within the created website, along with Google Webmaster Tools integration. In 2007, Sandvox 1.2 won the runner-up Apple Design Award for Best Mac OS X User Experience.[1]

Overview and features[edit]

Sandvox is a website and blog creation tool. The end-user does not need to have any knowledge of web languages in order to effectively use the product.

The features of Sandvox include:

  • Easy and flexible website creation
  • Pre-designed templates bundled with the download
  • An iLife media browser
  • Drag and drop support for media files
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • One-click publishing to most webservers after some initial setup.
  • Direct one-click publishing.

Sandvox is currently in its first version with full-time development by Karelia's team. Like RapidWeaver, it includes some features iWeb does not, including the capability to add comments and trackbacks through Haloscan and JS-Kit (a feature available in iWeb only through a third-party application called iComment or when publishing to .Mac) and the ability to add raw HTML pages and "pagelets". This last feature allows users to add their own content, in their own format, to their websites.

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