Sandy Bay, Cape Town

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View of Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay is a nudist beach situated along the road between Cape Town to Cape Point and adjacent to Llandudno.

Sandy Bay is not easily accessible. There are two ways to get the beach, one can clamber over the rocks from the car park at the southern end of Llandudno 34°00′46″S 18°20′09″E / 34.01288°S 18.33575°E / -34.01288; 18.33575 or take a 20-minute walk from the car park at the northern end of Hout Bay at 34°01′39″S 18°20′32″E / 34.02742°S 18.34210°E / -34.02742; 18.34210. The car parks are rather small and parking is often insuffient – the only solution is getting there early or having to walk a little further.[1]

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Coordinates: 34°1′24″S 18°19′51″E / 34.02333°S 18.33083°E / -34.02333; 18.33083