Sandy (Sandy Lam album)

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Sandy (憶蓮)
Studio album by Sandy Lam
Released February 1987 (1987-02)
Genre Cantopop
Label CBS Records
Sandy Lam chronology
Anger (放縱)
Sandy (憶蓮)
Grey (灰色)

"Sandy" is the third album by Sandy Lam, released on CBS/Sony Records in 1987.

Track listing[edit]

1. Ashes of Love (愛的廢墟)
2. East and West (東方西方)
3. Lost (迷亂)
4. Innocent Diary (純情筆記)
5. Unexpected Meeting (邂逅)
6. Passion (激情) - Cantonese cover of Take My Breath Away by Berlin
7. Tough Heroine (獨行少女)
8. Love Sparks (情愛火花)
9. Mind Made Up (決絕)
10. Nightwing (夜行人)

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