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Sandy Fussell
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Born (1960-09-22) September 22, 1960 (age 58)
Camden, NSW, Australia
GenreChildren's Literature

Sandy Fussell (born 1960) is an award-winning Australian author for children. In 2009 her second novel Polar Boy was selected as the National Reading Day book for primary school students.


Growing up in a house with few books, Sandy discovered reading and the library when she started school. She studied hard because books were given as academic prizes.

Sandy began writing in 2002 when one of her children stopped reading. A mother-son writing project ended with Sandy being told to "go write your own book". She did and has been doing so ever since.

Sandy works as a computer programmer and is passionate about using technology to encourage reading and writing in children. Her Samurai Kids website has been archived by the National Library of Australia Pandora Project, which provides long-term access to Australian on-line publications of national significance.

Published works[edit]

Samurai Kids series[edit]

  • White Crane (2008)
  • Owl Ninja (2008)
  • Shaolin Tiger (2009)
  • Monkey Fist (2009)
  • Fire Lizard (2010)
  • Golden Bat (2011)
  • Red Fox
  • Black Tengu


  • Ratbags (2008)
  • Polar Boy (2008)
  • Jaguar Warrior (2010)
  • Sad the Dog (2015)


  • 2009 Short Listed CBCA Children's Book of the Year, Polar Boy'
  • 2009 Honour Book CBCA Junior Judges Project, Polar Boy
  • 2009 Short Listed Sakura Medal Chapter Book (Japan), Samurai Kids Book 1 - White Crane
  • 2009 Panda Book Award Middle Readers (China), Polar Boy
  • 2010 CBCA Notable, Samurai Kids Book 3 - Shaolin Tiger
  • 2010 Shortlist Speech Pathology Book of the Year, Samurai Kids Book 3 - Shaolin Tiger


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