Sandy Ground, Anguilla

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Sandy Ground
Sandy Ground is located in Anguilla
Sandy Ground
Sandy Ground
Coordinates: 18°12′0″N 63°5′0″W / 18.20000°N 63.08333°W / 18.20000; -63.08333Coordinates: 18°12′0″N 63°5′0″W / 18.20000°N 63.08333°W / 18.20000; -63.08333
Country United Kingdom
Overesas Territory Anguilla
 • Total274

Sandy Ground is a village and one of the fourteen Districts of Anguilla, and its main port. The long curved beach is backed by high cliffs and a disused salt pond. According to the 2001 census Sandy Ground has a population of 274.[1]


Historical population of Sandy Ground, Anguilla
Population242234247274 [2]


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