Sandy Jimenez

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Sandy Jimenez
Sandy Jimenez, at work in May 2007.
BornSandy Rafael Jimenez
(1968-03-08) March 8, 1968 (age 51)
Manhattan, New York
Area(s)Creator, Writer, Illustrator
Notable works
The 12th Sister
Marley Davidson
Shit House Poet
Urban Scrimmage
The Likes of Us

Sandy Jimenez (born March 8, 1968) is an American comic book artist, writer and director, most commonly associated with the New York city independent comic book scene of the 1990s, with work appearing in magazines such as Inner City Press and World War 3 Illustrated.


He was born in Manhattan, but raised by a single mother in the South Bronx during all of the 1970s, the years of that borough's most intense economic privation and grinding poverty.[1] Displaying an aptitude for visual art and creative writing from a very early age, he was awarded a scholarship to the Calhoun School in the fall of 1980. He majored in sculpture at The Cooper Union and exhibited four completed comic books in 1990 as part of his Senior exhibition in the Houghton Gallery. One of the comic books shown at the exhibition entitled the Shit House Poet would be the basis of his ongoing published work in World War 3 Illustrated for that entire decade and beyond.[2]

Press release featuring cover from "Skips" episode, appeared in World War 3 Illustrated #31 (2001)

In 2004, the comic book story entitled "Skips" originally published in issue #31 of World War 3 Illustrated was adapted into a short that was part of the official competition at the Tribeca Film Festival.[3] Sandy Jimenez also received the ABC/Disney New Talent Development Grant[4] in that same year for his screenplay writing.[5]

Sandy Jimenez began collaborating with writer Jon Papernick in 2007 to adapt his book Who by Fire, Who by Blood, into a graphic novel.[6]

His comic book work continues to be reviewed favorably,[7][8] and his series Shit House Poet still appears regularly in World War 3 Illustrated.[9] In 2007 he directed "The Likes of Us," his first full-length feature and became the CEO of 700 Shades of Grey Inc.[10]



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