Sanetti Plateau

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Sanetti Plateau in Ethiopia.
Ethiopian wolf with Helichrysum citrispinum - both are endemic species

The Sanetti Plateau is a major plateau landform of the Ethiopian Highlands, located in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia

It is part of the Bale Mountains, and primarily within Bale Mountains National Park.

The Bale Mountains contain four distinct ecoregions: the northern plains, bush and woods; the central Sanetti Plateau with an average elevation of over 4000 meters; and the southern Harenna Forest. The Harenna Forest is one of the few remaining natural forests in the entire country of Ethiopia.[1]

This region is known for its mammals, amphibians and birds including many endemic species. The Sanetti Plateau once was habitat to packs of the endangered painted hunting dog, Lycaon pictus,[2] but the presence of this canid is now in question here due to the population pressures of expanding human presence. The central Sanetti Plateau is home to the largest population of the rare and endangered Ethiopian wolves.

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