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Sanford Kwinter
Sanford Kwinter 03.jpg
Nationality Canadian
Alma mater Columbia University

Sanford Kwinter is a Canadian-born, New York-based writer and architectural theorist, and a co-founder of Zone Books publishers[1]. Kwinter currently serves as Professor of Theory and Criticism at the Pratt Institute[2]. He formerly served as an associate professor at Rice University in Houston[3], Texas, and has also taught at MIT, Columbia University and Cornell University and at Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Having received a doctorate in comparative literature from Columbia University[4], Kwinter lectured at Harvard University, the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien)[5], the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam[6], the Architectural Association in London and the Städelschule in Frankfurt[7]. Over the past twenty years, his publications have pioneered new ideas in art, architecture, science and the humanities.[6][citation needed] He has written widely on philosophical issues related to design, architecture, and urbanism, and was involved in the series of conferences and publications convened by ANY magazine between 1991 and 2000.[1]

Kwinter has a Ph.D. from Columbia University.


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  • ZONE 6: Incorporations (1992) MIT Press.
  • Architectures of Time: Toward a Theory of the Event in Modernist Culture (2001) MIT Press. ISBN 0-262-61181-3
  • Far from Equilibrium: Essays on Technology and Design Culture (2008) Actar Press. ISBN 84-96540-64-2
  • Requiem: For the City at the End of the Millennium (2010) Actar Press. ISBN 978-84-92861-20-0


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