Sanford and Son Theme (The Streetbeater)

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"Sanford and Son Theme (The Streetbeater)"
Streetbeater LP.jpg
1973 7" vinyl single (US)
Single by Quincy Jones
from the album 'You've Got It Bad, Girl'
Released 1973
Recorded 1972
Genre Electric blues, funk
Length 3:06
0:51 (Theme song version)
Label A&M
Writer(s) Quincy Jones
Producer(s) Quincy Jones

"Sanford and Son Theme (The Streetbeater)" is the theme to the 1970s situation comedy Sanford and Son. It was composed by Quincy Jones.


The Streetbeater was first released by A&M Records on Jones' 1973 album You've Got It Bad Girl and as a single from that album.[1][2] It is also featured on his Greatest Hits album.

Although the song itself only reached #294 and did not reach Billboard status for that year, it has maintained mainstream popularity, ranking 9th in a Rolling Stone Reader Poll of Television Themes Songs [3]

Other recordings[edit]

Harry James recorded a version in 1979 on his album Still Harry After All These Years (Sheffield Lab LAB 11).


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