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Sangaria (サンガリア?) is a Japanese beverage company, manufactured and marketed by Japan Sangaria Beverage Co., Ltd. (株式会社日本サンガリア ベバレッジカンパニー?, Kabushiki-gaisha Nippon Sangaria Bebarejji Kanpanii), headquartered in Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, Japan.

Most Sangaria soft drinks are infused with vitamins and marketed for their health benefits.

The company is famous for the slogan "1, 2, Sangaria!" (「いち、に、サンガリア」?, "Ichi, Ni, Sangaria!"), a play on "1, 2, 3!" ("Ichi, Ni, San!").

The company name originates from the Chinese poem Spring View (春望, Ch: Chūn Wàng, Jpn: Shumbō) by Du Fu (杜甫). Included is the phrase, "The country (or its capital Chang'an) has collapsed, but there are still mountains and rivers." (Chinese:「國破山河在」, Gúo pò shān hé zài, Japanese:「国破れて山河在り」, Kuni yaburete sanga ari). The words 山河在り mean that the mountains and rivers (still) exist.[1]



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