Sanger–Harris Building

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Sanger–Harris Building
General information

The Sanger–Harris Building is a building in Downtown Dallas that was opened in 1965 as the flagship location of Sanger–Harris department store. In 1987, Sanger–Harris merged with Foley's and the building continued to operate as the Foley's Dallas flagship store. It was closed in 1990 while Foley's was opening newer locations in the area. It is currently the headquarters for Dallas Area Rapid Transit.


The building was originally designed with white columns and a mosaic.[1] The outside has the Sanger–Harris name engraved in various entrances. The white columns are still a feature of the building's architecture. The mosaic however is no longer visible. The Sanger–Harris branch stores around DFW replicate this same design.


Sanger–Harris department store was founded in 1961 as a merge of two Dallas department stores, Sanger Brothers and A. Harris & Co. In 1987, the Sanger–Harris name was combined with its owner's Houston-based department store Foley's and all of the Dallas locations were renamed Foley's. In 2006, Foley's along with its owner was bought by Macy's and the Dallas locations were renamed Macy's.


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Coordinates: 32°46′56″N 96°48′01″W / 32.7823°N 96.8004°W / 32.7823; -96.8004