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The Sanghar[or Sanghaar, in Arabic Sindhi script: سنگهار ] are a partly Hindu and partly Muslim community found in the state of Gujarat and mumbai maharashtra India.[1]

History and origin[edit]

According their traditions, the community are a branch of the Manka community. According to their tradition, the community was nomadic until they came to an agreement with the rulers of Kutch to settle down.[citation needed] The local word in the Kutchi language for agreement is sangh, and their initial settlement was at Gandhavi, near Porbandar. They are now found mainly in Mandvi taluka of Kutch, where they are found in villages, namely Vandh,koday-(mahavir nagar), Bidada, Pipri, Ratadia,Jakhniya, Bhojay, Undot, Khojachora, Asrani and Serdi, all along the coast. In addition to these settlements, they are also found in the village of Mota yax in Nakhatrana Taluka as well as in Abdasa Taluka.[1]and wagad

Present circumstances[edit]

The Sanghar are divided along religious line, with majority being Vishnuvi Hindu, and a minority are Sunni Muslim. They are a community of farmers, with a minority involved in cattle rearing. Many also serve in the Border Security Force, as their settlements are close to the Pakistan border.[1] In Pakistan the majority of the Sanghaar community is settled in Province of Sindh though they are residing in different part of Sindh whereas the majority is settled in Karachi, mostly in District Karachi (South), (West), (Malir) but majority of population residing in Karachi District (South). Here in Karachi and rest part of Pakistan the community is Muslim and the headquarters of Sanghaar Community is in Kalri (Lyari Town) Karachi District (South) wheres the branches is situated in Nawabad Branch as well as in District Malir. The Sanghar Tribe also found in District Ghotki Pano Akil Sukkur, In Ghotki there are so many village Namely Sardar Gul Bahar Khan Sanghar village, Umar Darho Dinghao Village near Ghotki city Qadir Pur in these villages Sanghar caste found in vary huge quantity and, also in Punjab there are several villages of Sanghar tribe....

See also[edit]

The Sanghaar community living in district Malir and district South of Karachi division is also having a major role in the politics, economy and cultural diversity of Karachi.


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