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The sacred Balinese dance Sanghyang Dedari involved girls being possessed by hyangs.

Sanghyang is a sacred Balinese dance, based on the idea that a force enters the body of an entranced performer. The force, identified as hyang, is important spiritual entities in ancient Indonesian mythology. Sanghyang dedari is a dance performed by pre-pubescent girls, similar in some ways to the Legong dance. Often the girls are carried on the shoulders of men, and trance is associated with this ritual. Sanghyang jaran is a dance performed by boys who ride coconut hobbyhorses (Kuda Lumping) in and around a fire. Trance is also associated with this ritual.

The sanghyang dances are considered sacred ritual dances that should be performed only in Hindu Balinese religious events, never merely to entertain tourists.[1][need quotation to verify]


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