Sangkum Jatiniyum Front Party

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Khmer Unity Party
Sangkum Jatiniyum Front Party
Leader Khieu Rada
Founded 23 October 1997 [3]
Ideology Liberalism
Liberal democracy
National Assembly
0 / 123
0 / 58

The Alliance of the National Community (Sangkum Cheat Niyum) that represented four parties had all of its four parties merge and be transformed into a political party called the Sangkum Jatiniyum Front Party and one of them is the Khmer Unity Party.[1][2]

The Khmer Unity Party, is a Cambodian opposition party founded in 1997 by its actual president Khieu Rada, who was previously part of the royalist FUNCINPEC party. It declares itself a "liberal, democratic and nationalist" party.[3]

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