Sangokushi Taisen

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Sangokushi Taisen
Developer(s)Sega AM1, Shade (DS version)
Producer(s)Yasuhiro Nishiyama Atsushi Seimiya
Composer(s)Susumu Tsugakoshi Tomonori Sawada
Platform(s)Arcade, Nintendo DS, PC
Genre(s)Real-time strategy,
Collectible card game
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer
Arcade systemSega Nu2, Sega RingEdge, Sega Lindbergh, Sega Chihiro

Sangokushi Taisen (Japanese: 三国志大戦) is hybrid physical and digital collectible card game for the arcades. It is a real-time strategy-based game set in the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history and the Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Gameplay system[edit]

The game itself has an input system in which cards are placed on a sensitive playing area. Movement in-game is done by moving the cards on the playing field, and card behaviour on the battlefield depends heavily on the card type.

This game is played one-on-one and online play is available.

Version history[edit]

New versions add balance adjustments, more cards, more factions and more modes.


  • Sangokushi Taisen 1.0 - Launched 2005.03.15
  • Sangokushi Taisen 2.0 - Launched 2006.05.24
  • Sangokushi Taisen 3.0 - Launched 2007.12.13 on the Lindbergh arcade platform, available in Japan, Shanghai, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • Sangokushi Taisen 3.59 WAR BEGINS - Launched 2010.6.17, available in Japan, Shanghai, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • Sengoku Taisen 1560 Owari no Fuuunji - Launched 2010.11.10 in Japan. A completely new version with a different scenario set in feudal Japan. The arcade platform switched to RingEdge.
  • Sengoku Taisen 1570 Maoh Jyoraku-su - Launched 2011.7.21
  • Sengoku Taisen 15XX Goki-Shichido no Yu - Launched 2012.2.23
  • Sengoku Taisen 1582 Nichirin Honnoji Yori Izuru- Launched 2012.10.11
  • Sengoku Taisen 1590 Aoi Kan-Hasyu ni Tashu- Launched 2013.7.23
  • Sengoku Taisen 1477 Hafu Rokujyu-Rokusyu no Kakera he- Launched 2014.2.20
  • Sengoku Taisen 1600 Sekigahara Jyo no Fuseki Aoi Utsu- Launched 2014.9.25
  • Sengoku Taisen 1615 Oosaka Moyu Yo ha Yumeno Gotoku- Launched 2015.6.20
  • Sengoku Taisen 1477-1615 Hinomoto Ittou he no Gunki- Launched 2016.1.21
  • Sangokushi Taisen 4 - Launched 2016.12.21 on the Nu2 arcade platform, available in Japan & Hong Kong.


  • Sangokushi Taisen DS - Published by Sega on January 25, 2007 for the Nintendo DS. Based on version 2.0 of the arcade game.
  • Sangokushi Taisen Ten - Based on version 3.0 of the arcade game; published by Sega on August 7, 2008 for the Nintendo DS.
  • Sangokushi Taisen INFINITY ONLINE - PC Windows version launched on 2011.5.20 by GameCyber Technology Limited in Hong Kong.
  • Sangokushi Taisen Trading Card Game - Based on the game, launched in 2012.

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