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Sangsad Bangladesh is a government-owned TV channel of Bangladesh. The channel is all about parliamentary activity of Bangladesh and other countries. It started its journey on 25 January 2011. There are two terrestrial state run TV channels: Bangladesh Television (BTV) and Sangshad Television. BTV runs a TV channel BTV World which broadcasts by satellite 24 hours a day to Asia, Australasia, and the Middle East.


The Constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh gives the legislature the name Jatiyo Sangshad in Bengali and House of the Nation in English. It is commonly known as Parliament. The word Sangsad means parliament. So Sangsad TV is a parliamentary channel of Bangladesh.


It started airing at 5 pm local time on 25 January 2011. Sangsad Bangladesh Television also telecasts national Parliament programmes live form the Jatio Sangsad.