Sangtuda 2 Hydroelectric Power Plant

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Sangtuda 2 Dam
Sangtuda 2 Hydroelectric Power Plant is located in Tajikistan
Sangtuda 2 Hydroelectric Power Plant
Location of Sangtuda 2 Dam in Tajikistan
Country Tajikistan
Location Danghara District, Khatlon Province
Coordinates 37°58′15″N 69°1′37″E / 37.97083°N 69.02694°E / 37.97083; 69.02694Coordinates: 37°58′15″N 69°1′37″E / 37.97083°N 69.02694°E / 37.97083; 69.02694
Status Operational
Construction began 20 December 2006
Opening date 6 September 2011
Owner(s) Sangob
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Earth fill dam with clay core
Impounds Vakhsh River
Height (thalweg) 31.5 m (103 ft)
Length 385 m (1,263 ft)
Spillway type Gated
Power station
Type Run-of-river
Turbines 2 X 110 MW
Installed capacity 220 MW (max. planned)

Sangtuda 2 Hydroelectric Power Plant is a Tajik hydroelectric power plant on the Vakhsh River.


Construction commenced during the Soviet period in the 1980s, but halted in the beginning of the 1990s due to lack of financing. In 1995, Iran expressed interest in helping to finish the project, but an agreement was not signed until 2005. Building work restarted on 20 December 2006.[1][2]

The first unit was inaugurated on 6 September 2011 by presidents Emomalii Rahmon and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.[3]


The power plant is built and operated Iranian company Sangob.[4] The turnkey contractor was International Farab Co. The project was consulted by Mahab Ghods Engineering Company and the subcontractor was Omran Maroon Engineers Company.[5] It operates simultaneously with Sangtuda 1 Hydroelectric Power Plant. It uses gates of Nurek reservoir.[4]

The dam is an earth fill dam with clay core. Its height from the river bed is 31.5 metres (103 ft) and crest length is 3,185 metres (10,449 ft).[5]

The run-of-river type power plant consist of two units able to produce 1 TWh of electricity a year. The generating equipment is manufactured in China.[6][7]

Revenues during first 12 years would be paid to Iran - and after that, ownership would be transferred to Tajikistan.[2]

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