Sangue Bom

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Sangue Bom
Sangue Bom.jpg
Genre Telenovela
Romantic comedy
Created by Maria Adelaide Amaral
Vincent Villari
Directed by Dennis Carvalho
Starring Sophie Charlotte
Marco Pigossi
Giulia Gam
Fernanda Vasconcellos
Jayme Matarazzo
Isabelle Drummond
Humberto Carrão
Giulia Gam
Herson Capri
Letícia Sabatella
Marco Ricca
Bruno Garcia
Regiane Alves
Felipe Camargo
Yoná Magalhães
Daniel Dantas
Opening theme "Toda Forma de Amor"
by Sambô
Country of origin Brazil
Original language(s) Portuguese
No. of episodes 160 (Original Run)
120 (Syndication)
Location(s) São Paulo, Brazil
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 50 minutes
Original network Rede Globo
Picture format (HDTV) 1080i
Original release April 29 – November 1, 2013
Preceded by Guerra dos Sexos
Followed by Além do Horizonte

Sangue Bom (International Title: Tangled Hearts) is a Brazilian access prime telenovela created and written by Maria Adelaide Amaral and Vincent Villari and directed by Dennis Carvalho.

The series premiered on April 29, 2013 and ended on November 1, 2013 on Rede Globo at 7:30 p.m. / 8:15 p.m. (BRT/AMT).[1][2]

A total of 161 episodes of 45 minutes were originally planned to be produced, however, due Rede Globo's live coverage of the 2013 protests, Sangue Bom was cancelled on June 20 and got the number of episodes reduced to 160.[3]

Sophie Charlotte, Marco Pigossi, Fernanda Vasconcellos, Jayme Matarazzo, Isabelle Drummond and Humberto Carrão star as the protagonists, while Giulia Gam star as the main antagonist.[4]


It is in São Paulo trends, fashion and consumption that begins the story. Still small, Bento (Marco Pigossi), Amora (Sophie Charlotte) and Fabinho (Humberto Carrão) met in foster care Gilson (Dantas) and Salma (Louise Cardoso), in the House district Verde.6 The three friends had subsequently traced their destinations. While Amora was adopted by wealthy actress Barbara Ellen (Giulia Gam) and Fabinho by a bankrupt family in the countryside, Bento grew and founded his cooperative flowers, "Yellow Acacia", with the help of her childhood friend, the brave Giane (Isabelle Drummond), passionate about football and his friend Bento, in secret. Fabinho, in turn, decided to return to São Paulo in search of his biological family and follow the same successful path of Amora, going over everything and everyone to achieve their goals.

Amora raised surrounded by luxury and glamor, living with Barbara, a famous actress, but decadent and troublemaker who, with famed filmmaker Pliny Campana (Herson Capri), had their only biological child, sweet Malu (Fernanda Vasconcellos). Later, adopt three more children - Light (Aline Dias), Kevin (Marcus Rigonatti) and Dorothy (Ayumi Irie) - as a media form of promoting yourself. Malu is contrary to this whole world of consumerism and futility of his mother and sister, is trained in pedagogy and makes graduate in social work. Just and right, just escaping from its precepts to fall in love and later, living a romance with Playboy Mauritius (Jayme Matarazzo), groom Mulberry. But the reunion between Mulberry and Benedict trigger a series of events and turns in the life of this loving quartet.

Malu's father, Pliny, Barbara dropped because of their constant attacks of stardom. Ends up reliving a love of the past to reconnect with Irene (Deborah Evelyn), a former actress who changed the name to Rita and working as alive and reading stories to children statue. Irene guard mysterious secrets in relation to its past: among them, his sudden disappearance that occurred after the catch and filmmaker Barbara kissing, unaware that it was all a frame of actress. She was expecting a child of Pliny.

In addition to caring for young people who have been abandoned, Gilson and Salma are owners of "Sing", a fun area where the work Rosemere (Malu Mader) bar. Typical suburban temper, is a struggling woman who works as a waitress, being famous for getting involved in fights. Created the child alone, away from his father that he is unaware, the frustrated artist Perácio (Felipe Camargo), by whom Rosemere is still in love, even though he was married to Brenda futile (Leticia Isnard). Perácio is bankrupt son of socialite Gloria Parents (Jonah Magalhães), which in the past has left her grandson, Benedict, in a railway train still newborn, who keeps this secret from everyone.

Extremely kind, Gilson is a serene and welcoming man. Older brother of arrogant businessman Wilson (Marco Ricca), ex-husband of Damaris rich (Marisa Orth), Gilson is the husband of Salma, who shares the same ideals. With her, it had honest Erico (Armando Babaioff), the groom struggling Renata (Regiane Alves), right-hand man of elegant Veronica Vasquez (Leticia Sabatella) in their successful marriage events company "Forever".

Veronica is a strong, modern woman who quit her dream of being a singer to marry publicist Nathan Vasquez (Bruno Garcia), owner of "Media Class", one of the largest advertising companies in São Paulo, who got pregnant and had his only son, Maurice. Seductive, authoritarian and womanizer, Natan betrays his wife, who believed he had the perfect marriage, with several lovers, you enter them Barbara Ellen. Upon discovering the betrayal of her husband, Veronica gives a turning point in his life, starting with the resumption of his career as a singer.

Tina Leon (Ingrid Guimarães) is a major antagonist of the plot, is an unbalanced, dangerous, wicked and cunning girl, however competent secretary's art director Silvia (Mila Moreira) on "Media Class". To be abandoned by her fiancé Vicky (Rodrigo Lopez), the altar and find that even abandoned because of an old case with actress Barbara Ellen, and because of his past, it was big fan of Barbara Ellen, but was despised and abused by this, Tina decides to take revenge and destroy the lives of women who blame be responsible for all their unhappiness. She sneaks into the home of Barbara Ellen as one of its employees, by Barbara unrecognizable due to the time that has passed since that attacked Tina. The villain will bring complications to the family life of Amora, only causing destruction and destabilization. Far from admiration for Barbara Ellen had one day, Tina will do anything to destroy Barbara, learning about life that the mere sight of means to do evil already makes evil is done by soaking in obscure ways and learning that revenge always exacts a high price to pay.

End of Plot Benedict finds the frames of Mulberry and divorces. Amora becomes the victim of a frame to incriminate her for having sabotaged the buffet Wilson, Malu push of a staircase and try to kill Giane. Amora's sister, Simone (Andreia Horta), life returns Mulberry carrying a serious illness and dying chapters after leaving her two children in the care of her sister. The saboteur's identity is kept secret until the last chapter, but it turns out that was Tito (Romulus Neto), who did all the behest of Lara Keller (Maria Helena Chira), with the help of Socorro (Tatiana Alvim) Lara thought as Amora like a stone in your path and chose to destroy the girl before she destroys. Already cleared, Amora regret the things you did wrong and passes be an English teacher. Benedict gives up and tries Amora engage with Malu, but she discovers that love and Maurice sees it only as a brother. Giane gets Fabinho, Malu with Mauritius, Veronica with Erico, Rosemere with Perácio, with Damaris Lucindo, with Charlene Wilson, Filipinho with Xande. Tina, Barbara Ellen, Vicky and Sandrona participate in a reality show. Honey gets the ex-boyfriend of Lara, who managed the custody of his son. Lara is a candidate for federal deputy. At the end of the plot, Bento organizes a protest against the works of Bluma, and there is reunited with Amora (an allusion to the first chapter of the plot). The novel ends with both standing up watching, and love have always felt for Blackberry comes up, love the one that was drowned by life's circumstances. Not the end but a new beginning to Benedict and Blackberry.


Marco Pigossi as Bento.
Sophie Charlotte as Amora.

In order opening[edit]

Actor Character
Marco Pigossi Bento de Jesus
Sophie Charlotte Amora Campana
Fernanda Vasconcellos Malu Campana
Jayme Matarazzo Maurício Vasquez
Isabelle Drummond Giane de Souza
Humberto Carrão Fabinho Queiroz
Giulia Gam Bárbara Ellen
Herson Capri Plínio Campana
Letícia Sabatella Verônica Vasquez
Bruno Garcia Natan Vasquez
Regiane Alves Renata Moretti
Felipe Camargo Perácio Pais
Yoná Magalhães Glória Pais
Daniel Dantas Gilson Rabello
Louise Cardoso Salma Rabello
Leticia Isnard Brenda Pais
Xuxa Lopes Bluma Lancaster
Armando Babaioff Érico Macedo
Mayana Neiva Charlene de Carvalho
Joaquim Lopes Lucindo Lago
Rômulo Neto Tito Rabello
Maria Helena Chira Lara Keller
Rodrigo Lopez Vitinho Barata
Fafy Siqueira Madá da Silva
Edwin Luisi Ulysses Lago
Mila Moreira Silvia Laport
Norival Rizzo Silvério de Souza
Cris Nicolotti Odíla Moretti
Wandi Doratiotto Nestor Moretti
Mônica Torres Áurea Moreira
Tuna Dwek Sueli Pedrosa
Dorival Carper Eliseu
Carla Salle Mel Rabello
Sérgio Malheiros Jonas Macedo
Caroline Figueiredo Júlia Oliver
Maurício Destri Vinny Rabello
Bia Arantes Cléo
Nanda Lisboa Sheila Salez
Tatiana Alvim Socorro Macedo
Ellen Rocche Brunetty
Thaís Garayp Santa
Priscila Camargo Nancy Rocha
Yaçanã Martins Celinha Mendes
Noemi Marinho Margot Queiroz
Izabella Bicalho Nice Flora
Luiz André Alvim Paú-de-Jacu Woman
Mariah da Penha Emília Fiapo
Pedro Inoue Douglas de Carvalho
Thiago Amaral Caio Cardoso
Júlio Oliveira Peixinho Mateus
Keruse Bongiolo Mônica
Guilherme Gonzalez Zito
Eliana Pittman Chica Fiapo
Rubens Camello Cristóvam Bolívar
Sylbeth Soriano Sandrona Passalácqua
Antônio Firmino Evandro
Thais Lago da Silva Mari


Actor Character
Josafá Filho Filipinho Moreira
Rafael Paoli Edu
Samya Pascotto Tábata Pais
Felipe Lima Xande Pais
Bruna Hamú Karolina
Aline Dias Luz da Silva

The children[edit]

Actor Character
Ayumi Irie Dorothý da Silva
Marcus Rigonatti Kevin da Silva
Miguel Arraes Pedrinho de Carvalho

Invited actresses[edit]

Actor Character
Deborah Evelyn Irene Fiori
Marisa Orth Damáris Rabello
Ingrid Guimarães como Tina Leão
Marco Ricca como Wilson Rabello
Malu Mader como Rosemere Moreira



Timeslot Episodes Premiere Finale Rank Season Rating average
Date Viewers
(in points)
Date Viewers
(in points)
April 29, 2013
November 1, 2013
28[6] #1 2013–14 25


Country TV network Local title Series premiere Series finale Weekly schedule Timeslot Ref
Rede Globo Sangue Bom April 29, 2013 November 1, 2013 Monday to Saturday 19:301 N/A
São Tomé and Príncipe
TVS Sangue Bom May 6, 2013 November 8, 2013 Monday to Saturday 19:00 N/A
SIC Sangue Bom September 9, 2013 May 2, 2014 Monday to Friday 18:30 N/A
South Korea
TeleNovela 프랜즈 July 29, 2014 present Tuesday 20:302 N/A
EduTV Tangled Hearts
To be launched
Kompas TV Tangled Hearts
Teledoce Laberintos del Corazón
United States
MundoFox Laberintos del Corazón N/A

^1 Series broadcast at 20:15 (UTC−4) on states part of the Amazon time zone (from April 29, 2013 to October 19, 2013) and at 20:15 (UTC−3) or 19:15 (UTC−4) on states where Dailying saving time is not used (from October 21, 2013 to November 1, 2013).

^2 Series broadcast weekly double-length episodes.


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