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Sanguinet & Staats was an architectural firm based in Fort Worth, Texas, with as many as five branch offices in Texas. The firm specialized in steel-frame construction and built many skyscrapers in Texas. The firm also accepted commissions for residential buildings, and designed many buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[1]

History of the Partnerships[edit]

Sanguinet & Staats was an architecture firm formed in 1903 by Marshall R. Sanguinet, who had practiced in Fort Worth since 1883, and Carl G. Staats, a draftsman who had worked for James Riely Gordon.[2][3] The firm established its original office in Fort Worth and later expanded with offices in five Texas cities: Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Waco, and Wichita Falls. Sanguinet & Staats also took on various partners over time.[2] In 1903, the Dallas office sprung from a new partnership called Sanguinet, Staats and Hill, which operated for two years under that name until Charles D. Hill left the firm.[4] In 1922, architect Wyatt C. Hedrick joined and it became Sanguinet, Staats, and Hedrick. In turn, this firm added R.D. Gottlieb as a limited partner for just the Houston office, forming Sanguinet, Staats, Hedrick, and Gottlieb. Sanguinet and Staats retired in 1926 after selling their shares to Hedrick.[2]


Although Sanguinet and Staats designed various kinds of buildings, the firm's main business was the design and construction of tall, street-framed office buildings.

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