Sanjak of Gümülcine

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Sancak-i Gümülcine
Sanjak of the Ottoman Empire



Location of Sanjak of Gümülcine
1907 Ottoman map of the Adrianople Vilayet, with the Sanjak of Gümülcine as the vilayet's westernmost province
Capital Gümülcine
 •  Established 1878
 •  First Balkan War 1912
Today part of  Bulgaria

The Sanjak of Gümülcine (Ottoman Turkish: Sancak-i Gümülcine, Greek: Υποδιοίκησις Γκιουμουλτζίνας, Bulgarian: Гюмюрджински санджак) was a second-level province (sanjak) of the Ottoman Empire in Thrace, forming part of the Adrianople Vilayet. Its capital was Gümülcine, modern Komotini in Greece.[1]

History and administrative division[edit]

The sanjak of Gümülcine was created in 1878 out of the territory of the sanjaks of Gallipoli and Filibe (Plovdiv) from the Adrianople Vilayet, as well as parts of the sanjak of Drama of the Salonica Vilayet.[1]

It comprised six sub-provinces or kazas, which were further subdivided into nahiyes:[1]

The sanjak survived until it was occupied by Bulgarian troops in the First Balkan War (1912–1913), after which it came under Bulgarian control. In 1919, after World War I, the southern portions came under Allied administration with the Treaty of Neuilly, and in 1920 they came under Greek control, forming the prefectures of Xanthi and Rhodope.[1]


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