Sanjak of Nakşa Berre

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Sanjak of Nakşa Berre
Ottoman Turkish: Liva-i Nakşa Berre
Sanjak of the Ottoman Empire

Capital Naxos
 •  Annexation of the Duchy of Naxos 1579
 •  Greek War of Independence 1821
Today part of  Greece

The Sanjak of Nakşa Berre or Naxos (Ottoman Turkish: Sancak-i/Liva-i Nakşa Berre; Greek: λιβᾶς/σαντζάκι Νάξου) was a second-level Ottoman province (sanjak or liva) encompassing the central and southern Cyclades islands, and named after the two largest islands of Naxos (Turkish: Nakşa) and Paros (Tr. Berre). The sanjak encompassed the territory of the former Duchy of Naxos, which had been tributary to the Ottomans since 1537, but was not formally incorporated into the Empire until after 1579, when the last Duke, Joseph Nasi, was executed. The sanjak formed part of the Eyalet of the Archipelago at least by 1600, but is no longer attested after the late 18th century. Aside from the sanjakbey at Naxos, two other beys, at Milos and Santorini, are recorded in 1629. With the outbreak of the Greek War of Independence in 1821, the islands came under Greek control.