Sanjawi Tehsil

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Country Pakistan
 • Notables

Haji Gul MUHAMMAD Dummar

  • Sardar Ehsanullah Dummar
  • Haji Habib Rahman Dummar
 • TotalIndigenous Population: 94,000
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
Number of Union Councils5

Sanjawi Tehsil (Pashto: سنځاوۍ‎; pronounced Sanzāwei locally) is an administrative subdivision (tehsil) of Ziarat District in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. The tehsil is administratively subdivided into five Union Councils and is headquartered at the city of Sanjawi.[1]

Wanetsi, a unique and archaic dialect of Pashto, is spoken in the area,[2] although Standard Pashto is now getting increasingly common.


Sanjawi Tehsil consists of the following villages:

  • Chelaiz Khalil
  • Uzhlaiz
  • Regora
  • Zara Sanzavi (old Sanjavi)
  • Poi Shareef
  • Aghbarg
  • Bghaow
  • Chotair
  • Tor Waam
  • Lawangabad
  • Sidh Gharra
  • Arbusi
  • Khrashang
  • Lawang Abad
  • Tand Wani
  • Asghra
  • Petawo
  • Pasra
  • Baya
  • Nask
  • Givarri
  • Jilga
  • Thakari
  • Maratiy
  • Inzargat
  • Nari Dag
  • Shereen
  • Ghunza
  • Shinlaiz
  • Ghairkhua
  • Sara Khaizi
  • Oach Wani
  • Kazha
  • Kandirha
  • Salam
  • Androbai

Notable people[edit]


Most Notable person and well renowned figure was Gul Muhammad Dummar who remained two time member of National Assembly from 1993-1995 and then from 2002-2007.. His work for his region and people is outstanding. In last tenure from 2012 to 2017 he was Member of provincial assembly of Balochistan. We will always remember him in good faith for his sacrifices and love for his people. He was man of honour, respect and peace..


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