Sanjay Nirupam

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Sanjay Nirupam
Sanjay Nirupam.jpg
Ex-Member of Parliament
Succeeded by Gopal Shetty
Constituency Mumbai North
Personal details
Born (1965-02-06) 6 February 1965 (age 50)[1]
Rohtas, Bihar, India
Political party Indian National Congress
Spouse(s) Geeta Nirupam
Children Daughter, Shivani Nirupam
Residence Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Religion Hindu

Sanjay Brijkishorlal Nirupam is a three-time Member of Indian Parliament. He has served two terms as a nominated MP in the Rajya Sabha first of which was as a Shiv Sena member and the second as a Congress party member. He represented North Mumbai as an elected Congress member in the Lok Sabha.[2] He is a member of Parliamentary Committees like Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and Finance Committee. He opened the 2013-14 budget debate for Congress Party in Parliament. He is the Secretary of AICC and also Secretary-in-Charge of the important state of Bihar. He is one of the National spokespersons of the Congress Party to express the Party's view on different issues on TV Channels. Sanjay Nirupam lost to BJP candidate Gopal Shetty in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. His work as a grassroot & a popular leader has been recognized and he has now been appointed as President of Mumbai Congress Committee. [3] [4] [5] [6][7][8]

Early life[edit]

He was born in the Baknaura village of Rohtas in Bihar. After completing his schooling in Rohtas, he moved to Patna in 1980 for higher Studies. During this time he took a keen interest in writing & extra circular activities along with completing his graduation (1984) with Honors in Political Science.


After completing his schooling in Rohtas, he moved to Patna in 1980 for higher Studies. During this time he took keen interest in active politics & extra circular activities along with completing his graduation (1984) with Honors in Arts, Political Science.[vague][not specific enough to verify]

He moved to New Delhi in 1986 and started his career as a journalist.

In 1988, he accepted an offer from “Indian Express Group” a sister publication of Indian Express which made him move to Mumbai.[citation needed]. Sanjay Nirupam joined Shiv Sena as his first political party. [9] Nirupam made allegations against Sunil Dutt due to which Mr Dutt filed a defamation case against Nirupam.[10] In 2005, Nirupam resigned from Shiv Sena as he was not comfortable with the anti North Indian stand taken by the party. [11] He joined the Congress Party a month later.[12]

He highlighted the irregularity of the sale of Centaur hotel & fought for the rights of the employees.[clarification needed] In Parliament he sought clarification from Arun Shourie (the then Disinvestment Minister). Eventually all the cases against Arun Shourie were thrown out of the court and he was given a clean chit.[citation needed] He demanded for CBI probe for the transparency on the whole deal which was accepted by the UPA govt. after 2 years.[citation needed]

In a very short span of time Congress President Sonia Gandhi appointed him as the General Secretary of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee [MPCC] the State Unit of the Congress party. He worked as an election observer on behalf of All India Congress Committee [AICC] in three states Goa, Gujarat & Nagaland.

Since last 10 years he has been organizing Wrestling Tournament with top ranked wrestlers at international level.[citation needed].He was defeated in 2014 loksabha election from Mumbai North constituency by a margin of more than 4.5 lakh votes. Nirupam made allegations that the EVM have been tampered with.[13] Sanjay Nirupam & Smriti Irani were involved in a cross defamation case in which the court has directed both the parties to settle it amicably [14] [15] Mr Nirupam was again embroiled in a controversy when he described BJP and Shiv Sena MPs who were democratically elected by the people of Mumbai as 'Monkeys'.[16] Mr Nirupam broke the law on the 10th of October 2014 when in spite of not having clearance, he decided to hold a protest against the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. Nirupam was booked for violating the code of conduct.[17] Mr Nirupam was accused of calling CAG Vinod Rai derogatory names by the latter[18] Mr Nirupam has countered all allegations by Mr. Vinod Rai & slapped a legal notice & challenged him to produce proof & not create sensationalism just to sell his book. [19]


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