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Sanjeev Bikhchandani is an Indian businessman, who is the founder and executive vice chairman of Info Edge which owns, a job portal,[1][2] as well as the co-founder of Ashoka University.[3]

He attended St. Columba's School, Delhi and finished schooling from there in 1981. There after, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from St. Stephen's College, Delhi, (Delhi University) in 1984. He completed his MBA from IIMA in 1989.[4]


Sanjeev after his PG left a job marketing Horlicks at HMM (now known as GlaxoSmithKline) in 1990 to set up two companies Indmark and Info Edge along with a partner.[4] The first company specialized in pharmaceutical trademarks and the second produced salary surveys and reports. In 1993, he and his partner decided to go separate ways. Both partners got one company each. Sanjeev got Info Edge. In 1997, Bikhchandani set up, jobs portal on a server in the United States,[5] and later Quadrangle, an offline executive search business. In 2005, was reported as being India's largest web-based employment site.[6]

In October 1998, Sanjeev started the matrimonial website. The website was developed by Anil Lall, the head of Info Edge's technology department. The services were free in the initial years. Auditing services were done by Amit and Rohit Tandon. The founder, Sanjeev explained the conditions of ICICI Ventures. During the conversation, it came out that auditors were interested in opening a dotcom company. The website was then sold to Amit and Rohit Tandon, with Sanjeev Bikhchandani keeping 35 percent stakes.

He won the Ernst and Young - Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2008.[7]


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