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Sanjeok (hangul: 산적; hanja: 散炙) is a Korean traditional cuisine made by grilling sliced beef and vegetables with seasonings, or frying it on a griddle. Almost all jeok is dredged with flour before frying, but sanjeok is the exception. In Bang In-yong's Cooking Method (hangul:요리제법), the word jeok on its own indicates sanjeok.[1]

Songi sanjeok (Pine mushrooms and beef brochette)

According to its ingredients, sanjeok divided into beef sanjeok, green onion sanjeok, tteok (rice cake) sanjeok, dureub (edible shoots of a fatsia) sanjeok, matsutake sanjeok, jap sanjeok (including various ingredients), sasul sanjeok, and so on.[2]


  • Seop sanjeok (hangul: 섭산적)
    Seop sanjeok.
     : grilled minced meat with seasonings, round and flat shape[2]
  • Jang sanjeok (hangul: 장산적) : boiling down sliced beef (sliced in a domino shape) with soy sauce[2]

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