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Sanjiazi (Chinese: 三家子; pinyin: Sānjiāzi; (Manchu:ᡳᠯᠠᠨ
, Möllendorff: ilan boo) is a village or Ilanbotokso in Youyi Daur, Manchu, and Kirghiz Ethnic Township (友谊达斡尔族满族柯尔克孜族乡), Fuyu County, Qiqihar Prefecture, Heilongjiang province. The village is about 22 km southwest of the administrative center of Fuyu, and about 6 km west of the main road from Qiqihar.


Approximately 80 elderly residents of the village are considered to be among the last people who have a good grasp of the historic pronunciation of Manchu. A local elementary school employs Manchu language teachers who learned the language from some of the older residents.[1]

Over 70% of the residents are ethnic Manchu.[2] Dong Xuefeng, an official with Youyi Township, said that Sanjiazi is the only village in China in which the Manchu language is spoken and the Manchu customs are observed because of its relative isolation.[3]

Manchu language spoken elsewhere[edit]

Dawujia in Aihui District of Heihe Prefecture is another village where a few Manchu speakers can be found.


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Coordinates: 47°40′55″N 124°17′21″E / 47.68194°N 124.28917°E / 47.68194; 124.28917