Sankethi people

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Sankethi people
Regions with significant populations
Sankethi dialect, a mix of Kannada, Tamil and some Malayalam.
Related ethnic groups
Smārtha Brahmins

Sankethi people are Smārtha brahmins primarily residing in Karnataka.[citation needed] They speak the Sankethi dialect, a mix of Kannada, Tamil and some Malayalam and rever Nācāramma, a pious lady who led them, at the time Vadama Iyers, out of Sengottai, Tamil Nadu,[1] in the 10th century. Two Sankethi groups initially settled predominantly in Kaushika near Hassan, Karnataka and Bettadapura, Mysore district, becoming the Kaushika and the Bettadapura Sankethi communities, respectively.[1] Other groups such as the Mattur-Hosahalli and Lingadahalli Sankethis, later merged into one of the larger communities.[citation needed]


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