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Background information
OriginMaseru, Lesotho
GenresAfro-Jazz, Rock fusion
Years active1976 – present
LabelsShifty Records

Sankomota is a band from the 'mountain kingdom' of Lesotho. The band (originally named Uhuru) was formed around 1976 and consisted of several members in its earliest years, namely - Frank Leepa (guitarist, vocalist, arranger, composer), Moss Nkofo (drummer), Black Jesus (percussion), Moruti Selate, Tšepo Tšola (lead vocalist, composer), Pitso Sera (guitar), among others. Peter Schneider managed the band in its early years till 1979. Frank Leepa - also known as The Captain - started the band in school, called Anti Antiques. The band changed its name to Uhuru. Due to the popularity of Black Uhuru from the Caribbean, they had to change their name again. When asked what Sankomota means, Frank Leepa is on record saying that it is the name of a mighty warrior from Basotho and Bapedi people. Sankomota was the first band to record an LP in Lesotho. They were recorded by Lloyd Ross and Warrick Sony of Shifty Records on November 11, 1983. The album was self-titled; Sankomota and it has 9-tracks and it is under 50 minutes long.

Frank Mahlomola Moki Leepa the founder of Sankomota also has a book (Biography), written by his sister Mpho Leepa. The book is very informative and detailed about Frank Leepa's childhood stages, how he grew up, his parents, the schools he attended and the politics of Lesotho which also had an effect/inspired the Sankomota tracks. The book reveals exactly how Sankomota started, the ups and downs, the break up of the group and how Frank Leepa remained firm through all to ensure nothing will separate him and his childhood passion. The downfall and success of Sankomota, how their music came about, how they got banned in South Africa, Till the death of the genius, the ever greatest to live, Frank Moki Leepa who has left a very huge legacy, as his music still lives and relevant till today.

Currently all Sankomota tracks are available digitally and on records, except for the two albums titled Frankly Speaking and After The Storm, of which currently the Track titled Africa from the album "After The Storm" is the only track available digitally Youtube ( , Which is one of the ever greatest Frank Leepa's work, a 12 min track which deeply connects with your soul and heals your heart.

Music career[edit]

Under the leadership of Frank Leepa, Sankomota's career spanned a duration of more than two decades.


  • 1983: Sankomota
  • 1989: The Writing's On The Wall
  • 1991: Exploration - A New Phase
  • 1991: Dreams Do Come True (Re-release)
  • 1993: After The Storm
  • 2001: Frankly Speaking
  • Best Of Sankomota 1981-1991
  • Greatest Hits
  • The Best Of Tsepo Tshola & Sankomota

==References== Born For Greatness, Biography of Frank Leepa

(Founder of Sankomota)

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