Sankt Eriksplan

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A360 degree panorama of Sankt Eriksplan.

Sankt Eriksplan is a square in Vasastaden, Stockholm. The name means Saint Erik's Plaza and is called so after King Erik IX who is the patron saint of Stockholm and depicted in the city's coat of arms.

There is a metro station (S:t Eriksplan) named after the square. The subway station was opened in 1952 and is on the green line between Odenplan and Fridhemsplan.

S:t Eriksplan and surrounding Birkastan is a popular and expensive residential area, with apartment prices being among the most expensive in Stockholm, rivalled only by Östermalm.[citation needed]

Popular venues close to S:t Eriksplan are the Philadelphia Church with its frequent concerts, and the riverside park of Karlberg Palace, the world's oldest military academy still in use today.

Coordinates: 59°20′22″N 18°02′19″E / 59.33944°N 18.03861°E / 59.33944; 18.03861