Sankt Hans Hill

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View of Sankt Hans hill in April 2009.

Sankt Hans backar (Swedish: Sankt Hans backar), a former dump site, now is a popular artificial park on a hill located in the north of the Lund between Norra Nöbbelöv and Norra Fäladen. The top of the hill reaches 85 metres (279 ft) above sea level, which makes it a great place for viewing over the Lund, also Malmö and Copenhagen can be seen when weather is good. Also, a sled track is present during winter. Due to the history of the dump, the place is sometimes called Monte Composto.

All vegetation has been planted, but the park still remains one of the few locations in Lund with orientation in nature. The place is very convenient as it neighbors local housing. Lately it was observed that Vallkärra stream, which flows through the park, has been poisoned by the leaking water from former dump site. As a result some fish mutations have been observed.[1] Lundakarnevalen use the place to organize social events.


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Coordinates: 55°43′22″N 13°11′33″E / 55.72278°N 13.19250°E / 55.72278; 13.19250