Sanky Panky (film)

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Sanky Panky
Directed by José Enrique Pintor
Produced by Milbert Pérez
Written by José Enrique Pintor
Starring Fausto Mata
Zdenka Kalina
Tony Pascual
Aquiles Correa
Massimo Borghetti
Music by Pachy Carrasco
Cinematography Elias Acosta
Edited by Lenny Borrello
Milbert Pérez
Distributed by Coral Films
Premium Latin Films
Release date
  • February 1, 2007 (2007-02-01)
Running time
111 minutes
Country Dominican Republic
Language Spanish

Sanky Panky is a 2007 Dominican Republic comedy film directed by José Enrique "Pinky" Pintor.

The film was produced entirely in the Dominican Republic and highlighted issues about the Dominican diaspora.[1] The film was shown at the 24th Chicago Latino Film Festival in 2008.[2]


The film relates the adventures of Genaro, a broke and desperate sanky-panky who wants to imitate a good friend's fortune by marrying a rich, older American woman.

Genaro, a Dominican man, wants to learn English, to get himself a gringa (a white American woman) to take him to the USA to start a better life.

At first, he tries to get a gringa easily by asking his friend Miguelito, who's already found a rich woman to take care of him and give him a house filled with luxury. At the end of their conversation, Genaro misinterprets the words of his friend, making him think that money changes people.

Genaro comes up with a new idea: get a job in the same resort where Miguelito met his woman, by talking to an old friend and manager of the hotel, Giuseppe. Before heading to the hotel, he asks his two closest friends - Carlitos and Chelo - to take care of his mother and his business. On arrival at the hotel, Giuseppe informs Genaro that the hotel's employees are forbidden to have relationships with the guests.


  • Fausto Mata - Genaro
  • Tony Pascual - Chelo
  • Aquiles Correa - Carlitos
  • Nuryn Sanlley - Dorothy
  • Patricia Banks - Helen
  • Zdenka Kalina - Martha
  • Miguel López - Alex, (Martha's boyfriend)
  • Olga Bucarelli - Genaro's mother
  • Massimo Borghetti - Giuseppe
  • Alina Vargas - La Morena
  • Sugeiris - La Chacha
  • El Jeffrey - Miguelito
  • Joryi Castillo - himself
  • Henry - himself
  • Yajhaira Quezada - Chelo's girlfriend


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