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Coordinates: 39°56′10″N 116°26′56″E / 39.93611°N 116.44889°E / 39.93611; 116.44889
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Taikoo Li Sanlitun North
Coordinates: 39°56′10″N 116°26′56″E / 39.93611°N 116.44889°E / 39.93611; 116.44889
Country China
DistrictChaoyang District
Taikoo Li Sanlitun shopping arcade
Sanlitun Restaurants in 2010

Sanlitun (Chinese: 三里屯; pinyin: Sānlǐtún; lit. 'three li village') is an area of the Chaoyang District, Beijing containing many bars, restaurants, and stores. It is a popular destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment. The area has been under almost constant regeneration since the late 20th century as part of a citywide project of economic regrowth. It currently houses many bars and clubs popular with both locals and foreigners as well as international brand-name stores such as Uniqlo, Apple, Nike, Adidas, KFC and Nathan's Famous. It is notable for housing the largest Adidas store in the world.[1]



Prior to 1949, the Beijing Legation Quarter was the center of diplomatic activity in the capital. After the foundation of the People's Republic of China, the government wanted to move the diplomatic district outside the inner city. Sanlitun was chosen as the area where foreign legations and embassies were to be reallocated in the late 1950s. The area was called Sanlitun to designate its location from Dongzhimen gate (), with tun meaning 'locality' and san li meanings 'three li' (a li is 0.5 km), so that the name means "locality 1.5 km away (from Dongzhimen Gate)".

Sanlitun began to grow when, along with the economic reforms of the late 1970s and early 1980s, bars serving expatriates and later locals began to open. International hotels introduced the first bars, but in the 1990s, standalone establishments appeared. Accounts differ over which was the first bar in Sanlitun, with one author crediting the Cat Cafe in 1995 while another names Frank's Place, which opened in 1990.[2]

The first supermarket in Beijing opened in Sanlitun in November 1982. This supermarket has an area about 300 square meters, selling a variety of products.[3]

The first bar on North Sanlitun Rd opened in 1995.[4] After nearly 30 years, Sanlitun houses about 70% of bars in Beijing.

South Sanlitun Rd used to have stores selling auto parts. After the construction of the Bar Street, those stores are demolished.[5]

Sanlitun Village opened in 2008, giving the area many new shops, restaurants, bars and a multiplex cinema. In 2013, Sanlitun Village changed its name to Taikoo Li Sanlitun.[citation needed]

Sanlitun SOHO designed by Kengo Kuma
Topwin Center

Sanlitun saw significant new construction as part of preparations for the 2008 Summer Olympics.[6] In April 2008, as part of an ongoing operation to clean up the city, a major drug bust occurred in Sanlitun and many arrests were made.[7] A total of four bars and clubs were effectively closed, including a notorious bar known as Pure Girl for its cheap alcohol and availability of drugs, both its bartender and manager were executed for distribution of drugs.[citation needed] However, it has since reopened a year later with new management. The police operation was widely criticized for its violence and absence of proper due process. A number of drug dealers as well as a barman are believed to have received the death penalty as a result of this operation.

The Uniqlo in Taikoo Li Sanlitun gained international attention after it was the site of a July 2015 sex tape that was filmed inside one of the store's fitting rooms. Uniqlo denied any involvement in the video.[8][9]

In an August 2015 incident near the Uniqlo, a Chinese woman was killed and her French husband was wounded in an attack by a sword-wielding man.[2]

On 25 December 2015, following the November 2015 Paris attacks by ISIS, several foreign embassies in Beijing warned of possible threats against Westerners in the Sanlitun shopping district on or around Christmas Day, urging their citizens to "exercise heightened vigilance."[10]

A popular destination for foreigners and young people was the "dirty street" of hole-in-the-wall restaurants and bars at the center of Sanlitun. However, the street was cleaned up in 2017.[11]

As a landmark of Beijing, Sanlitun becomes a popular place to be chosen as the setting in many films and TV series.[12] The films and TV series include Mr. Six, Love Is Not Blind, and A Little Reunion.


Main subareas

Beijing Workers' Stadium
  • Sanlian Taofen Bookstore is a 24-hour bookstore opened in 2018. It not only sells books and souvenirs but also provides drinks for people to stay and to work.[15]
  • Shiba Inu café is a café famous for having dogs that people can play and take picture with.[16]



The headquarters of Caixin is in the Sanlitun SOHO (三里屯SOHO).[17]



International schools[18]

  • British School of Beijing Sanlitun Campus
  • Pakistan Embassy College Beijing[19]
  • Accredited Italian Kindergarten in Beijing (Italian: Scuola Italiana Paritaria d’Infanzia a Pechino), formerly the Accredited Italian Embassy School of Beijing[18] (Italian: Scuola Italiana Paritaria d'Ambasciata di Pechino, Chinese: 意大利使馆学校) - It is located on the grounds of the Sanlitun Diplomatic Residence Compound (里屯外交公寓).[20]
    • It opened in 2015, making it the first Italian international school in East Asia. It operates in cooperation with Reggio Children.[21] It previously had a primary school section. In 2020, due to a decline in enrollment, it became a kindergarten only.[22] It is now known as the Scuola Italiana Paritaria d’Infanzia a Pechino in Italian, while its Chinese name remained the same.[20] The English name is now .[23]
  • Ivy Academy – The Ivy Group[24]

Chinese local schools




By subway

  1. Take Line 10 to Tuanjiehu Station
  2. Take Line 6 to Dongdaqiao Station
  3. Take Line 2 to Dongsi Shitiao Station

By bus[29]

  1. Take No.3, No.110, No.113, No.115, No.117, No.118, No.120 to Workers' Stadium Station
  2. Take No.113, No.115, No.431, No.701, No.16, No.34 to Sanlitun Station
  3. Take No.113, No.115, No.117, No.431, No.701, No.16 to Changhongqiao West Station

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